Thursday, January 29, 2009

1000 dollar letter

I was really hoping (because yes, hope does die last) that they were telling me that he had been moved and he was no longer in Camp 6. I thought and hoped Al-Ghizzawi had finally been moved to a safer and more humane environment. When after another email the privilege team refused to divulge anything more I booked my trip to DC. Of course, Chicago to DC is a big money maker for the airlines and there are few cheap fares unless you book in advance but as I have a trip scheduled to Guantanamo next week I needed to go immediately.

When I got to the secret place, I located the letter and two habeas counsel that can read a bit of Arabic. They looked at the letter and told me he was still in camp 6 and was experiencing health problems. Sigh.

But then I wondered why was this letter classified? Why did I have to fly to DC to read this particular letter? Well, it seems in passing he mentioned he was still in his same cell and he gave his cell number. (I really couldn’t make this stuff up.)

I brought the letter back to the privilege team and asked them if I scratched out the cell number could the letter be declassified? “Of course” they replied. So, I performed my duty as an attorney and scratched out the cell number and they stamped the letter “unclassified” and I flew home, less $1000..

One of the many stories from just another Guantanamo attorney.

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