Friday, June 20, 2008

senators letter


H. Candace Gorman FAX 888.826.6947

June 20, 2008

Dear Senators Durbin and Obama,

Right now it looks like you both have decided to sit out the FISA fight. That is unfortunate.

I am an attorney who took on the honorable chore of representing two men at Guantanamo, pro bono. My clients are still in that hell hole.

As a result of my representation of these men I have been subjected to government surveillance of my phone (and probably emails), both at my office and at home. This surveillance has made it impossible for me to continue to represent other individuals because I cannot guanantee them confidentiality. In fact, I can assure them that there will be no confidentiality because the government is listening in.

Except for my Guantanamo clients I have no clients right now. It means that I am spending my savings to represent these men and I have no income coming in.

I have a lawsuit pending regarding this illegal surveillance. If this so called “compromise” bill gets passed my lawsuit will be dismissed and I will be forced to give up my civil rights law practice for the long run.

If you sit out this FISA fight today. I will sit out election day.

Best regards,

H. Candace Gorman

H. Candace Gorman

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atlanticwriter said...

I know it won't pay the bills, but you may be encouraged to know that you have the support of many around the world who are horrified at the naked abuse of basic freedoms that your situation represents.

Please keep speaking out.

These are vital issues.